I came into photography with love for natural world and passion for travel and outdoors.

In 2009, after many years of professional career in bioinformatics, I graduated from the Commercial Photography Program at Dawson College. Since then I photograph many subjects ranging from art and architecture to animals and sports.

I offer the following Photography Services:

All animal and kids events (fairs, competitions, school activities, portraits, birthdays’ party etc),

Residential and historical estates,

Art in studio and on location

I enjoy sharing my passion for photography by organizing photo trips and giving workshops. Check my blog  and contact me (mariakorab@gmail.com) for more information about my private lessons, public presentations or trips.

I am member of Lakeshore Camera Club and Montreal Lakeshore University Women Club where I am leading Photography and Travel groups.

Photography is my window to the world. Trough photography I met many wonderful and dedicated people and I enjoy helping them by making photography for the cause: SPCA, environmental issues, WICA, Systema etc